"What is left when honor is lost?"

- Publilius Syrus, First Century BC

At Avafina Commodities we believe that our reputation and integrity are everything. As a consequence, we follow through on what we say we are going to do. Our credibility was built over time from the history of our words and actions. Avafina Commodities is a family owned company dedicated to sourcing organic ingredients worldwide, providing our organic farmers access to global markets.

With over 20 years of experience in the import- export business and more than a hundred years of family farm tradition, our company has grown through honesty, hard work and professionalism, becoming one of the leading suppliers of organic ingredients worldwide.

Our business policies are consistent with the organic spirit of the industry we proudly adhere to.

Our grandfather started in this business in 1908. He began as a simple farmer organizing his fellow farming community to cooperatively sell their crops in the international markets. His rules were simple, beginning with being organic and true to Mother Nature along with a practical business sense that meant quality and fairness to all parties involved. Back then, business was transacted with a simple hand shake and the honor and reputation of the people involved.

As a third generation we have carried forward that same set of basic rules and integrity to the organic community.

One of the finest expressions for all of us at Avafina Commodities is the ability to extend our sincere support to the numerous organizations who share a reverence for the world we live in, and we do this by allocating funds each year for charitable giving and sponsorships for children's education in underprivileged countries.