As a worldwide supplier of organic ingredients, we work closely with organic farmers finding a niche market for their products. From consulting to representation, we have formed partnerships to create new markets for a wide range of products in the organic sector, with consideration to the cultural diversity embraced by each country. We are aware that each side of the hemisphere has different interests and market perspectives, but our experience has shown that both can be satisfied, whether they are in North America or in Europe. We encourage our partners to capitalize new opportunities by combining our import and export expertise with our profound knowledge of the market, upholding and observing its cultural diversity and legal complexity. We give our customers the promise to have the right product under the right conditions.


These are some of the advantages you can benefit from working with us:

*Access to freshly harvested ingredients.
*Benefit from the counter seasonal advantage of plentiful crops that might be in short supply in the winter of the northern hemisphere.
*Having access to small farmers located in very remote areas of the world.
*Reaching us in your own language.
*Access the fresh harvested seeds, grown 100% organically, without the use of harmful pesticides or GMO seeds.
*Traceability and logistics from origin to your door.
*Provide financial support to small family owned farms and indigenous communities in third world countries.
*Contract specialty crops custom produced for you to satisfy a specific demand.